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Commercial Video: The Cupcake Bar

by Ponce

When you think of those simpler times; the stress free - "hop-scotch" or game of “tag" days filled with laughter around the playground... You often also think of spending time with your loved ones sharing your favorite treat. That family or best friend tradition that has superseded time. This is the joy that comes to mind when I think about The Cupcake Bar. An innovative concept executed professionally, deliciously and above all - with a smile!

The Cupcake Bar is a full-service, interactive dessert experience. Guests choose the cake flavor, filling, icing and load it with fun toppings. The Cupcake Bartenders assemble and serve each custom treat.

Learn more about The Cupcake Bar here! - https://www.thecupcakebar.com/

This video is highlights the joy of a young child as she shares the excitement of building her very own cupcake from cake to toppings. Her cute expressions , and there are an abundance of them, will win your heart over! The idea to walk away with is that it is easy, fun for anyone and meant to be enjoyed and shared.

The technical details:

The video is filmed on two cameras in 4k Log, 30FPS and colograted with Luts to keep the color profile consistent from beginning to end. We use gimbals and drones to assist in capturing those critical steady shots and eliminate the camera jiggle.


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