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The Creative Story

by Ponce

The Creative Story:

Thanks for watching! This is my first 'vlog' of sorts and figured it was time to get out from behind the camera and instead be in front of it. No better way than to do so than to tell stories with other creatives (because let's face it, we're inspired and that's what we do)...

- Dream it. Live it. Tell it. -

In this episode Shawna Renee, a local Austin Texas model, shares with us a little bit of the modelling world from her perspective by way of a monologue. *grabs mic * Lets give Shawna all the attention and a round of applause!

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Shawna Rene
Insta: @lil_shawna

- Letterbox Dreams -
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUm73EUn9g8
Letterbox Dreams - Video & Photography

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