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Real Estate Video: Bonalife

by Ponce

About the Video:

Episode 1: What Home Means to Me

We had an amazing time working with Bonalife Homes - John and Lindsay to tell this beautiful story.

Get a glimpse of their life and watch as this realestate power duo awards a scholarship to a very deserving Manor ISD student.


Wow, Did you see how excited she was? Did you see how her friend was so excited for her? That emotion just took us over, took us both over. That was... really cool.


About the Production:

This real estate video showcases a few different styles. Ranging from Documentary and Lifestyle to edgy syncopation and upbeat tracks.

We cover the day in the life of John and Lindsay as they contribute to a students life in Manor, Texas by way of a scholarship.

The goal was to seamlessly transition from one style to the next, integrating Real Estate highlights in a non-intrusive format all while keeping the focus on the overall story.

Produced by Letterbox Dreams LLC  (C) 2019


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