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Documentary Series: Down The Road

by Ponce

Down the Road by Blake Tyner

This is a historical series produced by Letterbox Dreams and created by Blake Tyner. It focuses on storytelling historical occurrences.

For this series we discuss the concepts the look, feel and atmosphere and video production value the client was looking to achieve.

We worked with the client to produce a template that will allow for future repeatability. Letterbox Dreams created an opening video, sourced the cinematic music and set the pace with 4k 23.97 frames per second for that smooth look and feel. We use  industry standard software (Adobe Premier pro / Adobe After Effects) and focused on audio inside and outside of the studio.

This is an example of the type of documentary production value editing that can be created by our team at Letterbox Dreams in Austin, Texas.

– Letterbox Dreams

The first episode of Down The Road. This new series, Down the Road, is going to be looking at aspects of history from around the country. So, sit back, kick up your feet and enjoy this trip down history’s road.

In 1898 the firm of Caldwell and Carlyle along with L. H. Caldwell and Q. T. Williams built the first tobacco warehouse in Lumberton. It was that same year Kenneth M. Biggs gathered a group of men together to form the Lumberton Tobacco Market. Their slogan was the “Border Belt’s Best.”… Read more about this series and watch more episodes at Blake Tyner’s website.

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